Atlanta Studio Complex | Close to Airport & Downtown Hotels

There’s been a tremendous amount of careful thought put into how the film and television production industry gets back to work in this unprecedented time. Across the industry, companies, unions, professional organizations and others are analyzing the best safety measures to put into place as the industry gets back to work.

For the past several months, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing, too.

Our commitment is to keep the safety of our employees, clients, and everyone on the EUE/Screen Gems lots our No. 1 priority. We’re following CDC workplace guidelines, revising our operational guidelines, training employees and making improvements to our physical facilities. You’ll find our employees wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and in every way putting safety first.

We look forward to working with all our clients, those who’ve just joined us and those who’ve been loyal for years. We’re ready to get back to work.

EUE/Screen Gems Atlanta Studio Complex


Full-service production facility with 30% tax credit.

The 11-stage, 33-acre Atlanta studio complex with sound stages offers 250,000 sq ft of production space and 50,000 sq ft of furnished office space. Opened in 2010 by the Cooney family, the studios are ten minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with hourly flights daily to and from Los Angeles and New York City and five minutes from downtown luxury hotels. Georgia’s film, entertainment, and digital tax credits of up to 30 percent ensure a vibrant, busy professional community.

The studios have hosted more than 30 scripted television shows and feature films since opening in 2010. The complex was the first full-service production studio campus to open in Atlanta.

The production studios are located at 175 Lakewood Way SW, Atlanta, GA 30315. Contact Kris Bagwell at (404) 333-6506.



Georgia Film Tax Credit Is One of the Country’s Best and Most Stable

Georgia’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides a 20 percent tax credit for companies that spend $500,000 or more on production and post-production in Georgia, either in a single production or on multiple projects. The state grants an additional 10 percent tax credit if the finished project includes a promotional logo provided by the state. If a company has little or no Georgia tax liability, it can transfer or sell its tax credits.

Why Georgia?

Georgia functions as one of the top three production destinations in the country. The economic impact of entertainment industry projects handled by the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office in FY 2018 totals $9.5 billion. The 455 feature film and television productions that shot in Georgia represent $2.7 billion in spending during that fiscal period.

Check out the forms and dig into the details.

Your production incentives contact at the Georgia Film and Television Production Office is Alison Fibben. Please email or call Alison at or (404) 962-4050.



The full-service Atlanta studio complex offers 11 sound stages with 250,000 sq ft of production space. Stages 10 and 11 can be combined to provide 30,000 sq ft of column-free production space. Stages 7 and 8 offer a combined column-free space of 37,500 sq ft under one roof. The stats below follow a Length x Width x Height to Grid format.
Contact Kris Bagwell for more information: (404) 333-6506 or



EUE/Screen Gems Lighting, Electric and Grip (LEG) is one of the largest suppliers of lighting and grip gear in the Southeast. We collaborate with California-based MBS Equipment Company to service on-site productions and location productions shooting across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. A 30,000 sq ft warehouse serves our clients.

Productions shooting on our studio lot in Atlanta are required to use our LEG. Our trained professionals will work seamlessly with your team and your shooting schedule.

Amanda Tarvis serves as our Lighting and Grip contact in Atlanta: (404) 333-6514 or


These are a few of the trusted brands we rely on to service our clients.


EUE/Screen Gems Studios offers 50,000 sq ft of furnished Atlanta production offices adjacent to sound stages:

  • Avaya telephone systems with multiple exchanges and direct dial office numbers
  • Up to 1 GB wired Internet in every office, stage, support space and utility space
  • Campus-wide ultra-high-speed WIFI
  • Office hubs include break rooms with refrigerators and microwaves
  • Conference rooms
  • 24 x 7 security
  • On-the-lot parking




We offer campus-wide ultra-high-speed WIFI, and up to 1 GB wired, Internet in every office, stage, support space and utility space. In addition, we offer a customizable phone system with multiple exhanges and direct dial office numbers.


Find these locations and more when you work with the Georgia Film & TV Production Offices.

Looking for that football stadium where your extras leap to their feet in that moment of triumph? Maybe you need a post-apocalyptic urban hardscape for that fight to the death? Or perhaps a vintage theater venue, rambling farm house, or neighborhood with charming bungalows.

When you visit our studios, it’s easy to scout surrounding locations, too. EUE/Screen Gems Studios Atlanta is conveniently located just five minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world with hourly flights to and from Los Angeles and New York City. Another bonus of making your production home with us is that we’re five minutes away from downtown, top-tier hotels, and hundreds of unique shooting locations.

To give you a feel for what we’re talking about, we selected a few choice locations and the distance from our studio lot below.

Contact Craig Dominey for more location information: Email or call Craig at 404-962-4049.

Once you’ve found the location to shoot, you’ll want to find the right location to sleep, eat and play. We’re five to ten minutes away from these fine downtown hotels, James Beard-nominated restaurants, and abundant nightlife and entertainment.


Since 2010, EUE/Screen Gems Studios has welcomed distinguished TV and film production clients to its Atlanta studio lot. Our television and film roster includes the productions listed below and many more in our photo gallery.

“Black Panther” – Marvel Studios

“Satisfaction” – NBC Universal for USA Network

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” – Parts 1 and 2, Lionsgate

“Devious Maids” – ABC for Lifetime

“Divergent” – two films in the series – Lionsgate