Cape Fear Memorial Bridge in Iron Man 3


EUE/Screen Gems Film Tours On Hiatus: Lots Of Film Sites You Can Still Visit

May 31, 2017 / News

In vacation mode? Our EUE/Screen Gems Film Tours at our Wilmington, NC studios are on hiatus right now. However, you can still find plenty of film sites near our studios where productions have worked their movie magic. Read on to find “local” spots, film tours and insider shots to feed your Instagram.


“One Tree Hill” filmed at EUE/Screen Gems Studios Wilmington NC from 2003 to 2012.

“One Tree Hill,” “Iron Man 3,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Under the Dome” and 400 other productions have filmed in the Wilmington, NC area and at our studios. Places to visit include…

Wilmington, NC and North Carolina film travel sites

  1. The first stop on any film traveler’s list should be the Wilmington and Beaches Convention and Visitor Bureau. At the “Hollywood East Film and Tours” website, the visitor center offers a detailed. self-guided film tour in a downloadable PDF. You can also find lists of film festivals to attend and a photo gallery of the latest location shoots, including shots from the filming of TNT’s “Good Behavior.”
  2. For a guided option, check out the Hollywood Location Walk, a lively 90-minute walking film tour. The exploration starts in downtown Wilmington, N.C. at 8 Market Street. Make reservations in advance.
  3. If you’re looking for fan events, keep an eye on, and search the #OTH hashtag on social media. EyeCon has a convention scheduled for Oct. 13-15, 2017 in Wilmington, N.C.
Cape Fear Memorial Bridge in Iron Man 3

The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge was the site of extensive stunt work and seen in “Iron Man 3.” Credit:

4. North Carolina Tourism offers travel itineraries that touch on Wilmington’s film heritage and guide you to shooting destinations across the state. Choose from the three-day coastal Nicholas Sparks Tour, the five-day Bull Durham to the Blue Ridge Parkway Tour or Go Behind the Scenes of the Hunger Games.

For Our Georgia Film Fans

We don’t host film tours at our Atlanta studios. You can still find lots to see and do nearby, however! Visit Tour Georgia Film for a list of film tours and travel itineraries in the Atlanta area. You’ll also find offerings across Georgia. Consider ordering or downloading the FREE Georgia Travel Guide (below) with a nod on the cover to the Georgia-filmed production,”Vampire Diaries.”


Free Georgia Travel Guide with film tours

Check out the 2017 Georgia Travel Guide for movie locations across the state.

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