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February 6, 2017

EUE/Sokolow Entertainment Co-Produces “Genius” Series; Commercial Airs During Super Bowl 2017

Last night, millions of television viewers were introduced to the new television series, “Genius.” The ad for “Genius” aired after Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl. Our content division, EUE/Sokolow Entertainment, is an executive producer for the National Geographic series.

Prior to the Super Bowl, National Geographic released the 45-second teaser of Albert Einstein playing Lady Gaga’s hit “Bad Romance” on his violin. The announcement was covered by Deadline HollywoodVariety, and others. Adweek goes into depth on the quick turnaround and shooting of the spot. 

See the “Genius” ad from the Super Bowl

"Genius" Super Bowl Ad

Click the photo to listen to the “Genius” commercial that aired during Super Bowl 2017

About The New Series

Albert Einstein is the subject of “Genius,” the new biopic developed for National Geographic Channel. The global, 10-episode television event airs on April 25, 2017. The commercial created buzz and awareness of the “Genius” series.  In season one, Geoffrey Rush stars as Albert Einstein, the eccentric genius; Rush also starred in last night’s commercial.

Ron Howard directs the series, and Brian Grazer is the exec producer. Fox 21 Television Studios produces the series with Howard and Grazer’s Imagine Television, OddLot Entertainment and our content division, EUE/Sokolow Entertainment